• FDA power supply
  • High power stability and reliability;
  • LD current full protection 
  • TEC temperature stablized 
  • OEM service
  • SM,MM fiber coupling
  • Non-Gaussian line lasers
  • Collimated and focus laser beam
  • Removable fiber or lens mount
  • 1550nm Near Infrared Diode Collimated Lasers

    Ouput power:2~4.5W
    Beam mode:TEoo
    Longitude mode:Multiple
    Operating mode:CW
    Beam divergence (full angle):3.0±0.1mrad
    Beam diameter at aperture:5x8±0.1nm
    Power stablity at 25℃:4%,1% over 4,8 hours
    Warm-up time:15minutes
    • 1550nm レーザー
    • 1550nm レーザー
    • 1550nm レーザー
    • 1550nm レーザー
    • 1550nm レーザー
    • 1550nm レーザー
  • Datasheet: LTL-1550S
  • Datasheet: LTL-1550LS (line laser edition)
  • Datasheet: LTL-1550FS (fiber coupled edition)

    • 105um fiber coupled laser

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