Wavelength Stabilized Raman Fiber Laser

   Leading-Tech Laser has released 785nm/780nm Raman lasers of which wavelength is stabilized, high power stability, and long life time. The maxium output power could be around 500mW, low power consuption, narrowed line width and reliabable long time performance. 

    For LTL-780RS or LTL-785RS series wavelength stabilized Raman lasers, the electronics and laser optics have been intergrated into a compact package. Fiber coupling is available upon request, fiber connector and fiber length is optional. And also the collimated laser beam exit fiber is also available upon request.

     Varieties of laser wavelength such as 266nm 355nm at ultra-voilet spetrum range ; 473nm, 488nm, 532nm, 660nm at visible spectrum range ;  780nm, 785nm,  980nm and 1064nm could be used in different Raman applications.



830nm raman laser
power stability
830nm raman laser
830nm wavelength spectrum

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