Green Line Laser Modules

 LTL-GLXXS series green line lasers are widely used, where visibility of red laser lines is not sufficient.

Green line laser has a visility about five times higher compared to red light depending on surface (e.g. red or black, wet stone) or light conditions (e.g. bright sunlight). , because human eyes have their maxiumum sensitivity in this wavelength area. The laser beam is collimated and use Powell lenses to get a even distributed green laser line. The robust housing made of coated aluminium protects laser, electronic circuitry and precision optics.  

Key Features:
lenses as line generators
High Reliability
Low Cost

Laser Positioning
Laser Alignment and Positioning
Machine Vision



Operating mode:


Line generator lenses:

Powell lenses

Fan angle:


Line width at 1meter:

2mm or OEM service available upon request


OEM upon request

Life time


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