3.5um SM fiber coupled green lasers  The fiber coupled laser module from Leading-Tech Laser CO.,LTD, it was intergrated DPSS laser with SM/PM fiber. With the excellent optics transfers and fiber coupling effiency,  high precision electronic control and compact module assembly, Leading-Tech Laser provide the high performance laser from 400nm to 1200nm, 5mW~4000mW output,CW or Pulse work style. 

The beam shape can be circular, line or other shape. beam profile is perfect, it can meet many manufacture or R&D application. 

The LTL-XXFL  fiber coupled laser modules feature a compact size and coming with a separated AC-DC power supply with input voltage range from AC 80V ~ 240V.LED current visible display and output adjustable design. 

Also according to the application of the customers, single mode fiber coupling, multimode fiber coupling and polarization maintaining fiber coupling service is available upon to reques. 

The LTL-XXFL fiber coupled lasers  are at a very competitive price and they are the ideal laser source for spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, printing, optical data storage, DNA sequencing and more other industry applications
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