Powell lenses Non-Gaussian Line Lasers


   Leading-Tech Laser Could offer high power non-Gaussian powell lenses line generator lasers, with wavelength such as 532nm, 635nm, 650nm, 730nm, 750nm, 808nm, 830nm,980nm, with output power could be up to 20W.

    Many line laser modues on the market are used rod lenses or cylindrical lenses as the line generator of which the laser beam would have hot-spot in the central ( the highest power) and fading edges (the lowest power).  Since  Powell lenses are handcrafted product, each lens must be individually checked for homogeneity of the intensity, the apex curvature need to be slightly modified and optimized for particular laser beam.  Also in order to get better line uniformity, both the laser beam and the Powell lens would be optimized to maximize the final effect.  


 laser line of powell lens
    laser line generated by cylindrical lenses    laser line generatored by powell lens


    By new technology for the beam reshaping, the LTL-LS series line lasers from Leading-Tech Laser are all used powell lenses as the laser line generator. The whole system features robust design, compact size, long life time ,high reliability and wide temperature operating. The reliable laser systems could reduce the set-up time, maintain high quality control, avoid production mistakes, save human resouces.



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